The Smurfs – Peyo PVC Figures (20051-20100)

CharacterYearLabelMade in
20051 Bowling Smurf (1)1979Peyo/SchleichHong Kong
20052 Cleaner Smurf (4 orange)Peyo/SchleichWest Germany
20054 First Aid Smurf (3)1978Peyo/SchleichHong Kong
CharacterYearLabelMade in
20056 Cardplayer Smurf (2)1978Peyo/SchleichHong Kong
20062 Telephone Smurf (2)1980Peyo/SchleichHong Kong
20064 Tooth Brush Smurf (2)1979Peyo/SchleichHong Kong
CharacterYearLabelMade in
20066 Cricket Smurf1980Peyo/SchleichWest Germany
20069 Jungle SmurfPeyo/BullylandWest Germany
20071 Flying Smurf (3)1976Peyo/Bullyland
CharacterYearLabelMade in
20074 King Smurf (7)Peyo/BullylandWest Germany
20078 Beer Smurf (2)Peyo/SchleichHong Kong
20082 Shy SmurfPeyo/BullylandWest Germany
CharacterYearLabelMade in
20084 Handstand SmurfPeyo/Bullyland
20086 Gift SmurfPeyo/BullylandWest Germany
20087 Axe SmurfPeyo/BullylandWest Germany
CharacterYearLabelMade in
20089 Painter Smurf (2)Peyo/BullylandWest Germany
CharacterYearLabelMade in
20094 Bookworm SmurfPeyo/BullylandWest Germany
20096 Sledgehammer Smurf1978Peyo/SchleichChina
20097 Injured Smurf (2)Peyo/BullylandHong Kong
CharacterYearLabelMade in
20100 Desert Smurf (3)1978Peyo/SchleichHong Kong

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