On this page you can find figures from different Walt Disney/Pixar TV-series and short movies.

If you want to check which figures I got from each serie/short movie, just click on the poster of that serie/short that interest you – and you’ll find out!

aladdin bonkersp bravetailor Cars - Die Cast carstoons airmater materprivateeye materchristmas monstertruck  moonmater radiatorspings50012 timetravelmater tokyomater chipdale dd disneyfairies disneyprincess palacepets docmcstuffins ddco2 dt gooftroop gbposter hugglemonster hiawathap jake lsseries marsupilami mmco mmclubhouse mickeybeanstalk paf planecrazy Planes - Die Cast sillysymphony sofia starwars starwarsrebels steamboatwillie susie talespinp tangled2 bandcircus thelittlehouse lmseries tortoisehare theuglyduckling wuzzles tlp toystoryofterrortstoones ts-hv wmw wtp-series

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