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Lady and the Tramp – Disneystore Figure Play Set

Characters: Tramp, Lady, Scamp & Colette
Label: Disneystore
Made in: Indonesia, 2020

Characters: Peg, Trusty, Jock
Label: Disneystore
Made in: Indonesia, 2020

Lady & The Tramp – KID’M PVC Figure Playset


Characters: Lady, Scamp, Tramp
Label: KID’M
Made in: China, 1995


Characters: Jock, Bull, Trusty
Label: KID’M
Made in: China, 1995

Lady & The Tramp – Bullyland PVC’s

Characters: Lady & The Tramp
Label: Bullyland
Made in: Germany, 1982

Lady & The Tramp – Heimo PVC’s

Characters: Lady
Label: Heimo
Made in: ?, 1960’s

Lady & The Tramp – Yutaka PVC’s

Characters: Si & Am, Lady, The Tramp, Trusty, Jock
Label: Yutaka
Made in: China, 1997

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