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Toy Story – Takara TOMY Buzz Lightyear with Spaceship Die-Cast

toystory_buzzlightyear_tomy toystory_buzzlightyear_tomy2

Characters: Buzz Lightyear with spaceship
Label: Takara TOMY
Made in: China, –

Cars – Takara Tomy Diecast Figures


Characters: Fillmore Ambulance (Rescue Go!Go!), C-39 Hudson, C-38 Ramone, Luigi Fire Department (Rescue Go!Go!)
Label: Takara Tomy
Made in: China, 2007/2008/2009


Characters: C-35 Mater, Sally Police Porsche
Label: Takara Tomy
Made in: China, 2007


Characters: Mach Matsuo, Security Guard Finn McMissile
Label: Takara Tomy
Made in: China, 2012

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