Here are different movies (not Classics and Pixar) from Walt Disney and Don Bluth.

If you want to check which figures I got from each movie, just click on the poster of that movie that interest you – and you’ll find out.

101dalmatians 102dalmatians agoofymovie aladdin3 aladdin2 aliceinwonderland anastasia An American Tail: Fievel Goes West Beauty & The Beast – The Enchanted Christmas Bedknobs and Broomsticks dinosaurposter enchantedp ferngully frankenweenie gforceposter herbie jamesgiantpeach maleficent mp mchristmas petesdragonp Return To Never Land planes planes2 poohrobin heffalumpp rockadoodle sots spiderman starwars starwars4 starwars5 starwars6 starwars8 stitch avengers jb2 landbeforetime lk2 lk3 lm2 lm3 muppets muppetsmw nbc thumbeline pf tb-sotw tb-m tb-gfr tb-lt rogerrabbitp

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