Beauty & The Beast – Mattel PVC’s

Characters: The Beast, Belle, Gaston
Label: Mattel
Made in: China, 1993

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  1. Alexis beauchemin

    woow, those ones seems darker and newer. did they come with the box and the castle inside or the one with the package 5110 collectibles figures?

  2. Alexis beauchemin

    hi, I just bought recently two package of beauty and the beast playset once upon a time 5136 and one written collectibles figures 5110. I collect them as well, because I know they have stop produced them.

    • disneycollection

      They are not from the Once Upon A Time Playset. They we’re all in one package. Probably the 5110 🙂

      • Alexis Beauchemin

        Do you own a beauty and the beast playset at home (5110 ) ? As a collection? And do you have gaston with the jaw longer?

      • disneycollection

        No, this is the only set I have!

      • Alexis Beauchemin

        Did you ever try to get the playset beauty and the beast 5110 , I have one to sell , I could sell it for 2$ just to know I have too much hihi

  3. Alexis Beauchemin

    Hey I just find another figure like those you have on ebay , I’m bid it on them!! Hope I win!!!

  4. Hi, I would like to know if it’s possible to send a me a new picture of theses figures, through my email . I just want to see if they have the same color as shown above . Please . And I would like to know if the package came from UK because I’ve never seen belle hair so dark . And those who came from uk had a darker color on it such as belle hair and the beast . The number on the package of it was : 65306

  5. Alexis beauchemin

    hi, did you know that there is a different kind of number package written on it? one is 5136 and the other is 65306? one seems to be for the united state and the other for a internationnal shipping. because I’ve made a research and most of the beauty and the beast collectible figures from the united states is written 5136 and for instance for those of other country it’s another number such as 65306

  6. Alexis beauchemin

    how did you know its was made in 1993 and not 1991? thanks

  7. I have this set. Anyone want it?

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